Captain Casual
Fact Sheet
Sway Software
711 Atlantic Ave. Lower Level
Boston, MA 02111

Release Date:
April 2014 (est.)



John L. Stricker
Twitter: @jatsway

A compelling, story driven action/adventure game set in a finely crafted universe of the future. Captain Casual utilizes a custom built, high performance 3d graphics engine to deliver stylized visuals and fluid control.

You take on the role of Casey C. Casual and embark on a story that takes you from one end of the solar system to the other. You and your partner, Derin Serious, team up with BRAD: a ship AI system that would prefer to be an artist, Ava Amari: a go it alone secret agent, and Dr. Elana Gabriel: a brilliant AI researcher who specializes in gaming systems and history. Together you must fight against a diabolical, although sometimes confused, force that threatens to take charge of all humanity and make everybody as miserable as possible.

While working as a software development consultant, John Stricker was also working on a video game. It started with developing a story in his head to help himself sleep, then he began writing it down. With the development of the story a game began to emerge, and John started working on a game engine to implement the story. Over the course of developing the story and game engine, this idea has evolved into the creation of an intricate backstory, dynamic characters, and a game that is presented in a sophisticated yet whimsical manner. The game has been in development since April of 2013 and is scheduled for release in April of 2014.



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